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About us

Our Forgotten Neighbours is a comunity interest company composed of a small team of lovely locals. Launched in 2020 our mission from day one was to enrich our community for those who are often forgotten. People sleeping rough, people with mental health issues, people on low income, refugees - anyone in need or vulnerable. 


For us, it’s important to remember we are one race, one humanity, and so we are a charitable organisation, inclusive of all types of people. We believe that everyone deserves to at least have access to healthy food and we saw a clear need for this in our local area. After spending time working at a winter shelter we realised we needed to do more, that was how Our Forgotten Neighbours came to be. 


We are overjoyed to say we are now serving meals to as many as 150 people a week at our site outside of Toynbee Hall. The feedback and support we have received from locals and businesses alike has been fantastic. We are now playing a crucial role in strengthening support systems in East London. It has become more than just a soup kitchen but also a place to engage with our community. Now we have even been able to expand to a new location in South Tottenham, and we have plans to increase our impact even further in the future.   


We want to assure that no one goes hungry, that no food is wasted in our community and no one is denied the opportunity or assistance to become self-sufficient.


Now, with their own soup kitchen, their mission is simple. To feed people in need regardless of their circumstances.


The food they offer provides healthy and nutritious meals to everybody that comes through the doors. They are committed to improving the quality of life and restoring dignity to those who need it the most. Their vision is to assure that nobody goes hungry and that no food is wasted.






At Our Forgotten Neighbours the MISSION is simple: to provide different support avenues to as many people in need as our resources allow; regardless of their circumstances.  We also help ensure that refugees are not ‘forgotten’ and our support is focused on the goods and services that refugees need most. The Soup Kitchen provides healthy and nutritious meals to all who come through its doors on multiple sites on a weekly basis as well as care packs which contain the essential items that a homeless person could need therefore providing some stability which allows them to focus on improving their situation.  Our Forgotten Neighbours is committed to improving the quality of life of some of the most vulnerable people within our communities and by doing so restoring their dignity.


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